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About Me

I am a Level 5 Computer Game Development (BSc Hons) Student aspiring to make all sorts of games, with innovative gameplay mechanics and often comedic themes.

Programming Languages

C, C#, C++

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Java, SQL,

Programming and Technological Aspirations

  • Create a Point and Click Adventure series
  • Develop/Work on a distro of Linux (most likely Ubuntu based)
  • Learn to program for multiple Microcomputers (Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amiga)
  • Create a mobile game based off an online talk show


Here's a list of all programming projects I've worked on. This list is kept up to date.

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Pacman - S2D

For my first semester project, I was tasked with developing Pacman from a skeleton code using lecture based tutorials.

Pacman Screenshot

Mice Run - Unity

My first ever Game Jam done for RaiseTheGameJam and my first time using Unity. I did the programming while the artwork was done by Veronika Babisova.

Mice Run Screenshot

Infatuation Isolation - Unity

My Second Game Jam done for Global Game Jam 2021. This time, I decided to do artwork since developing games is more than just code. Our team was StaffsUnnamed, since me and my teammates all go to Staffordshire Univeristy.

Infatuation Isolation Screenshot

Mario Bros - SDL2

Coming Soon!

Project 5

Coming Soon!

Project 6

Coming Soon!

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